Friday, May 19, 2006

Wonder-full Ball

I saw this wonder ball on whipup and was so enchanted. I recently bought a used copy of The Children's Year (because I kept checking out the library's copy), the book that generated the idea, so I'm all for this kind of fun. Happily, some brave soul is organizing a swap. Having never done one, I thought this would be a fun one to try. So, while in Hancock yesterday, ideas started popping up.

I'm planning to make a little pouch out of the fabric and load the ball with lots of summery/fishy-type items. If I can find some fish gummies, I'll add those too. The yarn I'm planning to use is Lion Cotton in this amazing turquoise/blue color. Should be fun for a summer washcloth. I'm loading the ball with a little bracelet kit (the package with glare) - the beads reminded me of bubbles. Continuing with the bubbles, there is a yard of fun orange trim with yellow bubbles/dots. I'm adding a little shark caribiner key chain, a little packet of fish food, and a little felt fish/pincushion/cat toy/ornament (that I designed and made myself) to "round" out the ball. Fun summer knitting (Hope my swap-ee thinks so too)!

Signups end 31 May and then we swap. Can't wait!


At 12:18 AM, Blogger Mary said...

what a fun idea!


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