Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fear of Needles

I'm ready to start planning my next sock project. Time to try Magic Loop!

Since I have to mail order the small 40" circulars that I'll need, I want to get the right size needle the first time. I attempting the Magic Loop Winter Sock so I can follow the booklet's plan with the least possible variance. It calls for worsted weight (!) yarn and a size 5 (or - everybody join along! - WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE GAUGE!). They're getting 6 st/in. in the rib pattern they use, so I broke out the dpns to make a test swatch in the round. The tricky part is the only worsted weight I have now is Cascade 220. Galway by Plymouth through Patternworks looks like a candidate (anyone use this before?), but I want to get the needles (10% off through the 29th!) at the same time as the yarn - thus the Cascade. Hope it's close in weight or I am going to miss the mark entirely. A 3 was too big, and I'm working on a 2 now. Wish me luck!

I'm going to join Suzanne in a little mini KAL for Magic Loop. Anyone want to join along? By join, I mean drive-the-train-because-I'm-heading-for-a-cliff, but hey, maybe it'll be fun!


At 10:11 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

You are on fire! sox, back making, even sox modeling! So much to see.

I really like the bag idea. Coolio!

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Mary said...

I'm currently knitting on my very first sock via Magic Loop and so far, so good, but I'm a slow knitter so don't know if I'd qualify for a knit-along with you guys, (if you're going to have any kind of deadline, that is). I'm about done with the cuff and leg and ready to start the heel flap -- here's where it starts to get scary!

I was able to find 40" small-gauge needles (Addi Turbos) at Unraveled, by the way, but it sounds like you're getting them at a discount online.

Speaking of knit-alongs, there's a Magic Loop Yahoo group knit-along, as well as a First Time Sock Knitters Yahoo group knit-along, of which I'm a member of both, and thankfully neither have deadlines.

Best of all, (for me, anyway), there's a lady in my knitting group who knows the Magic Loop sock method and is teaching me at every step of the way, so I'm really blessed in that area! :-)

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