Monday, April 17, 2006

Heel Today, Gone Tomorrow

This poor sock! I feel so sorry that I cannot make it the sock it needs to be, but I'm still trying!

I started the short row heel yesterday, amidst a jellybean sugar drop. I think that I made the decreasing rows correctly - sort of. Here is the sock with all of its little purple stitch makers:

I do like the stripe in the heel - great colors. And do you see the darkers "spots" on the sole? I thought I had dripped my water on my knitting, but realized it was little mini-pooling. Mini-pooling=drips, right?

But then I started the increasing rows. Ack! When they were done - I realized that I was so intent on the first two lines of instructions, I never made it to the next two rows that were the ones to repeat. I wound up with holes along the wrapped stitches that I could have lived with, but they were just so big and ugly. So I popped off all the heel stitches and redid the decreasing rows last night. I'm ready to try the increasing again - this time I'll read all of the instructions.


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