Monday, March 30, 2009

More Painting Fun

When we moved to our house two years ago, we knew that the kids rooms were in desperate need of painting - even the baseboards. My daughter figured out what she wanted pretty quickly and we had a high ol' time painting her room bright pinks and greens, complete with polka dots.

My son, however, had an idea in his head and we just couldn't make it work. The "perfect" rug didn't fit or the "perfect" bedspread never materialized. Slowly, over the past year, we've be refining what he could do and finally his vision and reality are on the same plane. He really likes bright, bold colors - and wanted them everywhere. We settled on a main, less crazy color for the walls with lots of colorful accents.

His wall color choice "Resolute Blue" seems to fit him. We finally got to putting it on the walls this past week. Luckily, no oil paint was involved, so we haven't had to power wash anything, but the ceilings get pretty tall in his room:

Did I say really, really tall? Pretty, but tall:

Brendan was very concerned about doing the actual painting. I had him work on the corners and some of the baseboards while I did the rest of the cutting. Plenty of time for fun messages:

He moved on to the actually rolling and did a great job. He started with the small roller and took it nice and easy. No paint on the floor! He even got a chance to use the larger roller and the extension rod. And here he is, hard at the touch-ups.

The paint looks great, but we just couldn't get the really tall parts and professional help is coming in to save my bacon (and the porch, too). So after the paint is finished and we get all the fun IKEA things that we picked up for his room (over 2 years ago - just before we realized we were moving), he'll have a swank little pad.
Now, who's going to decorate my room?

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