Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Knitting

I've working on a bit of Christmas knitting lately.

Christmas knitting has gotten a bad rap lately. Some think of it as a rushed, desperate activity performed by uncaring people. I beg to disagree. I love nothing better than waiting for cool weather and starting a project or two with someone (s) specific in mind. The extra push to finish in time is just part of the fun and excitement of the season. I usually pick simple but fun projects that are easy to start and stop, are portable, and enjoyable to knit. These fit the bill, but as the recipients may be eavesdropping, I'll leave the finished shots for later.

By the way, the background is the pile of bricks we pulled up from part of our walkway to accommodate construction of the garage. What? I haven't mentioned the 300-pound gorilla that is just outside my door (and I don't mean ladybugs!)? Well, I'll just have to update you soon on all the construction goings-in around here. Stay tuned.


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