Monday, April 30, 2007

No-Knead Bread

Ever the one to miss a bandwagon by a mile (I'm still shopping for yarn for a Clapotis!), I thought I'd try the well-blogged No-Knead Bread. There are even blog posts about folks who have made this recipe. And a video!

I saw it mentioned first at Farmgirl Fare and discounted it as I didn't have a large covered casserole to bake it in. She later mentioned that you could use a 2-quart and some one some where mentioned it could be Pyrex, not necessarily Le Creuset. Well, alright then, let's bake!

I really should have watched the video or read some of the posts as I made a classic mistake. The recipe calls for 1 5/8 cup water, but it made the dough WAY too wet:

Looks more like batter, doesn't it? Apparently, 1 1/2 cups is more on the mark. I also substituted some whole wheat bread flour for the white flour and I think it made the dough even heavier. I had no ability to shape the dough, so I just poured it in the pan and hoped for the best. Here it is going in the oven:

The finished loaf didn't look much better, but I included it on our lunch today:

I must say that the stuffed shells were much better. If I try this again, I'll definitely use less water and maybe all white flour until I can get it to turn out. The successful photo looks so yummy, I think I'll have to try again soon.

Has anyone else given this a try?


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