Friday, April 27, 2007

Half by Half Jump Start Giveaway

Oh, the pleasure of letting go!!!

I'm happy to report that my de-stashing is flying along. Thanks to the following folks for responding to my call for help:

*Lynn: ALL of the crayon is heading your way!
*Eileen: Green lace yarn/pattern for you!
Mary: Yea! for the suggestion to pass on the remaining yarn!

*Please let me know your real mail addresses at tabewhiteATgmailDOT com.

Gathering the list for the last post forced me to cull yet more "gems" from my collection:

Some are returning to a yarn shop in the hopes for store credit/exchange to match existing.
Some are being left under the cover of night for unsuspecting knitters.
Some are being foisted off on the attendees of the next Knit Night I can haul myself to.

Just remember, if you get an email from me asking for your mail address, just give the info and nobody will get hurt!

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