Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Leprechauns are Hard to Photograph

Here's a very belated St. Patrick's Day update. Had a little photo loading problem, but it is ALL GOOD this morning.

We had a few friends over to share in the annual corned beef feast. I can never boil a corned beef again after I got this baking technique from my good friend's family. Bake the briskets in a slow oven for 4 hours wrapped in foil and accompanied by oranges, celery, pickling spices, onions, and carrots (or the three of the five you feel lie using!). Who would have thought that raw meat and citrus could look so good together?! I think the foil is what makes the whole composition (the other pan of two looked just as fetching)!

After baking, glazing, and slicing (and making Irish Soda bread) you have this (nestled on an Irish linen towel from the Old Country):

The little people were all festively adorned in green - and very difficult to photograph. If they stood still, I couldn't. Here they are in an artistically fuzzy shot:

Way to get the Irish on, little people!


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