Friday, March 10, 2006

Viking Invasion

We've been studying Vikings around here lately and I wanted to let Monica see what we've been doing (and also thank her for explaining how to do the cool hyper link - not lick!).

Here's our ship getting reading to set sail:

The youngest Viking got into the act and created her own longhouse model (those are puffs of smoke and NOT snow on the roof!):

And inside her house, she carefully created a dirt floor with markers and made a cooking fire (I think the historically-accurate green pom poms are vegetables, but it's hard to remember details in the midst of an invasion):

The Viking lad also worked on a longhouse with found materials. He also spent a lot of time creating a sheep pen and sheep to live in it, a bench, the cooking fire and cauldron, and a whole stone Viking family. (Many glue gun sticks found their way to Valhalla by giving their lives bravely for these creations!). The Daddy Viking had horns that were quickly sheared in a handling accident, but he retains his fierce persona, according to The Lad, by saying "Arrgh!". The Viking Mommy reportedly says "I'm really tired!". Well, OK then!

Maybe the Viking Mommy was just tired of Little Viking mood swings! Here are the Angry-what-do-you-mean-no-snack-Vikings:

And here are her Happy Little Vikings!

Happy sails to you!


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Monica said...

AARRGGHHH! They be some fierce looking viking kids!

The longhouses are very impressive and your daughter's addition of the green veggies is a very good detail. In the viking-age, especially in Denmark, the viking folk ate a very varied diet and had lots of fresh veggies in the warm month.

Kudos to you guys for doing such great research and work!

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