Friday, March 03, 2006

Knit Mania

My handsome son finished his first scarf a few days ago. Here he is finishing up the last few rows:

We got a kid's kit from Ben Franklin. I looked for the only skein of yarn that didn't have pink in it and we were off. Only 8 months later - we have a scarf! My son is very happy to report that his scarf is a full 5 feet long - longer than he is tall!

The needles for this kit were #19s. I now see that these are REALLY big for little hands. We'lltry our next project with smaller needles. We even wnet shopping/had a field trip to Holly Spring Home Spun to learn about how yarn is made. A great session and my handsome amn picked out some great yarn for a new scarf. Had my camera - but forogt to take pictures. Can you tell I'm a new blogger?


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Madge said...

Five foot scarves! YEAH the way they make'm in Europe, keep the wind out! Way to go Master B.
keep on knittn'


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