Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dirty Birds

The chickens never cease to amuse me. I've been painting our porch trim this week, so have been outside more watching them do their thing. They often come up to check on the progress, but mostly stay down in their field. I actually heard one warn the others of a hawk flying by for closer look and saw them take cover under a small tree.

Another fun thing that they do is run (hilarious!) to the car whenever we come home. Often, my daughter, the chickherd, gets out to pick one or another up or give them a treat. It is almost impossible to drive home and escape their notice.

So when drove home last week and saw this:

I was alarmed. What was wrong with my ladies? Were they injured or sick?

Then I saw this:

A dust bath! Chickens do this to clean themselves and rid themselves of any scritchy bugs. They are supposed to really like it, but I had never seen them so it. So funny to see the dirt flying. They were giving Tubby a run for his money.

Now if I could just get them to bring up the daily paper...



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