Monday, July 21, 2008


We had a graduate at our house this June - a furry one with four legs. Tubby graduated obedience class!

Here he is with his proud co-trainers getting used to his mortarboard:

He can be quite dashing when he cooperates:

And a little dickens when he doesn't:

His final exam was a little rough, but he made the cut! Here he is with his very patient teacher, Ms. Morgan. I honestly can't remember in recent history being so nervous about someone taking a test. Tubby was a completely different animal at PetSmart - absolutely distracted by every smell, so much so he wasn't motivated by snacks. Gasp! So you can imagine the challenges we were up against.

But you did it, Tub Man! Congratulations!!


Golden Rule of Basil

The golden rule of scrapbooking is to start where you are. Don't go trying to catch up your child's album starting with a baby book if he's twelve. Put in the pictures from this year, week, month - anything to get started. Then work backward to where you left off. Well, I feel like my blog is turning into a teen and I'm working on the first birthday photos!

So (without Internet availability moans and groans) let me just start where we are:

Beneath the enormous mound of basil (and a few zinnias on the side) is a really big bowl that I thought was too big to take down to the garden to harvest basil for pesto. I only took it because I am always surprised by the bounty of the garden, so I guess that made be surprised at being surprised.

But, oh, those zinnias!

Once more with the basil:

And another surprised-at-being-surprised moment: all that basil netted less than two ice-cube trays of pesto. I tried Martha's lighter version, but still put in more basil and less oil.


So that's where we are!

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