Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We have the February Funks over here with a wicked cold being passed around. We are tired of being sick and more than a little house bound, too.

So I was very happy to hear the whir of Elefun starting up this morning:

If you're not familiar with this game, I highly recommend you elbow through the toddler crowd at Target and bag your own box. Don't let the age recommendations throw you - this is even better than Twister!

You pop a few butterflies in Elefun's snout and turn on the blower. He snozzels the butterflies into the air for you to catch with little nets.

You can have a dainty little game or a full-contact, knock-the-butterflies-out-of-others'-nets kind of throw down. Moving furniture out of the way is highly recommended.

Either way - it's "tons" of FUN. Just what we needed around here today.

P.S. No - the new camera is not here yet. I took these back in the dog days of summer this past December. Amazon says the package shipped and our little bundle should arrive by next week.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Mystery Crochet-A-Long

Found something fun here via Whip Up: it's a mystery CAL. I think I will be heavy on the "L" for "long" because I am a pokey crocheter. It'll be fun to see what comes of it.

I remember taking the Myers-Briggs test for the first time. My four-letter label translated to a love of starting new things, but not necessarily having any interest in finishing them. I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment, especially during this gray, sniffle-ridden time of year. Usually, I'm cautious about starting new things because I know that I'm not a fan of the finishing, the physical pressure of procrastinated completion. But not this time of year! I'm so much more likely to sign up for anything even remotely possible just to mix things up. I like starting new projects because I like the idea of a new start and a project almost literally pulling us along to a new situation. Can a craft project really change things? If it couldn't, would be involved in so many? And what would I be finishing up all summer if I didn't start all these crazy projects now?

What proejcts are you starting this month?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Knitting Help

Am I the only knitter left that hadn't checked out Knitting Help?

I've been looking for a quick and dirty how-to on fair isle (especially now that I have bloggingly committed myself to a new project!). I've interviewed live knitters, checked out library books, considered way-to-expensive classes, but here is exactly what I needed - for free - and in only 8 minutes!

Oh happy day!

Fair Isle February

Happy February First!

It is a certain little girl's birthday around here in a few days, so this is a festive month in our house. In fact, she has two little friends with birthdays a few days apart, so lots of little girl giggles and smiles are in store the next few weeks. Even big brother is getting into the act with February birthday friends. Throw Valentine's Day into the mix, and you have - well - a party!

I've been thinking of starting the fair isle skirt I wanted to make for her (definitely not in time for her birthday!), and come to fin out, it is Fair Isle February! So I'm in. And if the replacement camera ever comes, you can see pictures! In the meantime, here's what I'm planning:

It is Knit Picks Color Burst Skirt. I bought it so long ago it is on clearance now - so go get a copy and join me!

What have I gotten myself into....