Friday, March 21, 2008

London Bound

We're headed back to the mother land next week and we've been busy getting ready. Recent activities have helped get us in the mood.

My daughter and her daddy tripped the light fantastic at the annual Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance. The theme: British Invasion! We continued on our do-it-yourself theme by creating a punk rock costume. Here Erin had pulled the painter's tape off of her hand-painted t-shirt to reveal the Union Jack:

All we had to add was a couple of dog collars and a surly look:

And don't forget the crazy hair:

I think we're ready! (Don't worry, Kelly, this all washes out!)

And in case we need help getting there, we found some local directions at Agecroft Hall:

Wheels up in two days!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome Spring!

I hope you are enjoying the first day of Spring! My daughter is especially happy about the warming weather that brings all things budding and blooming. She constantly creates collages out of found loveliness and brings them to me at any time of the day.

Here a part of a turtle shell is adorned with periwinkle blooms and hemlock branchlets.

And if I receive one of these creations earlier on in the day, it is bound to be added to or altered as subsequent finds bend her artistic vision. Notice the addition of the found egg shell, which later became stuffed with tiny pink flower buds:

Or maybe she's just bored and piles up stuff to get a smile out of me. Either way, they warm my heart and I just love them.

And I thought you might like them too.

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