Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Really, I've Been Working!

I can't believe it has been a month since I've been posting regularly. A new camera didn't help (Kodak's EasyShare is misnamed) and neither did a pokey computer.

So I've been using my spare time to finish some projects. Wanna see?

I've been continuing on my goal to sew more. The material and pattern for this outfit came home from Hancock Fabrics this fall and didn't get too far. A few sessions at the machine and:

The pants had yoke (?) pockets, which I've never done before, with custom bias trim edges to match the pants' hems. My son thought that they were pajamas, but we girls disagree heartily! The ties on the jacket are just too fun. Maybe I'll sew something for myself one day...

I've also been on a serious hat bender. I am determined to find the best baby hat pattern. Indulged by my church's knitting ministry with free, donated yarn and a mission to make baby hats, I've been on a roll. More details to follow with a more scholarly write-up, but I think I am closing in the winner. I did also buy some Bernat Cotton Tots and whip up a hat from a friend's super secret pattern for a neighbor baby:

The hat is resting on a little Valentine quilt made ages ago, but is still a favorite of mine. Such a romantic!

I was also fortunate to have a baby shower gift to make. Time to return to the
Five-Hour Baby Sweater! Here it is (holding a bottle on Bath and Body Works pump soap for size comparison) artfully displayed on a floor mat before being whisked into the mail.

I have tweaked the pattern again and will post a pretty copy as soon as
someone can fill me in how to do that. In the meantime, here are some detail shots of the yoke and bottom edging. Knit from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (Amy - is that right?), I could just eat it!

So, see? I have been working - really!


At 3:43 PM, Blogger mama k said...

I'm impressed! I love the outfit and the new version of the 5hour sweater. I made a boy version when I was expecting my son. But it was my first real knitting project so it took much longer than 5 hours. LOL

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Love the hat and the little sweater. Yes, please do share the patterns when you're able. I, too, have been on a hat bender. They're just so gratifyingly instant!

At 12:30 AM, Blogger rheannarudy said...

Hi, I have been searching the internet endlessly for the perfect baby hat pattern, particularily one that uses Bernat CottonTots yarn... well, low & behold I have finally found it!!! The hat you made is exactly what I would like to make for my niece/nephew on the way. So, my question is, HOW secret is the pattern?! :) If I can't get the pattern, I would be thrilled if you let me know how many cast on stitches you used and what size needles. I've never made a hat before, and am struggling with the right circumference. Please help!!! I'll check back, otherwise my email is rheanna@uwalumni.com... your help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!


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