Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holly Spring Homespun Field Trip

My friend Pam spirited me off on a yarn hop to Powhatan this morning. After an excellent breakfast buffet breakfast at the County Seat, we hit Holly Spring Homespun.

I've been in a tremendous knitting slump lately, so I was hoping for some fresh inspiration - and thanks to owner Kathy, I was not disappointed!
And could the shop look any cuter all decked out for Christmas?

My first attempt was a solid score, I really loved this
Bobble Snuggle design. It's the owner's own pattern and her own yarn - how fun! She even had samples in two sizes so you could test drive the design. I was a little intimidated by The Bobble, not having knit one before, but Kathy whipped out some yarn and needles from her secret knitting emergency drawer and "bob's your uncle" there is was:

I chose Holly Spring's own
Impressions yarn for the project, but picking the color was tough. Here are the candidates:

And here is the winner with the pattern:

Kathy was right on when she said it would be a good spring transition. And what girl doesn't love pink and green?

I love the idea to photograph the yarn with the pattern while I am shopping. Now that I am home and unpacked, I can look and see just what I had in mind for all this stuff.

I also went looking for yarn for a
great little hat pattern from Morehouse Farms from my blog pal Mary. She was so nice to select me as a winner from the folks who knitted for Think Pink in October. I've been such a bad blogger, and haven't properly thanked her. Mary - what do you think of the yarn?

I picked a solid to make matching striped mittens to go with the hat for my daughter. She'll love the bright colors.

Another project to shop for was a fun little wrap for my daughter's ballet teacher. I want to give it her this spring, so anything heavy and woolen was out. Also, as she is a dancer, something bright and fun seemed appropriate. I was thrilled to see this little corner:

See that mannequin on the right? The scarf/wrap around her neck was JUST what I was looking for - and see all that cool yarn to choose from? Here is what I selected:

I hope it turns out as pretty and graceful as my mind's eye is imagining.

After looking over these yummy yarns, I picked up a skein to crank out some warm socks for my husband.

Hope he likes the color:

It is another Holly Spring Homespun product:
Painted Merino "Horizen". So much fun yarn and inspiration: it was just what I needed!

Well, time to get the needles a crankin'. Kathy promises to post a picture if I return to her shop with a completed project, so my goal is to get in there by Valentine's Day. Can I make it? Stay tuned...


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love all that yarn! such beautiful colors, I can't wait to see how that bobble snuggle turns out.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

You finally discovered the joys of Holly Spring! I always get such great inspirations there. Their samples are fun and very knitterly/fun to knit. And the hand painted stuff is GREAT! I made my Clap from Holly Spring yarn and have loved it since the day I began knitting it!

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW...look at all that fiber-eye-candy!
Hope you have a Happy & Safe New Year!

At 8:41 PM, Blogger  said...

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