Friday, April 24, 2009


My daughter is trying her hand at softball this season. What a steep learning curve it has been! Never mind all the equipment she needed, it's just that she never really spent anytime batting or playing catch, so she's been working hard.

Their first game was this past weekend and it was so exciting to don the red uniforms of the Rockville Thunder! She got to play pitcher (which for machine-pitch is standing by the machine and fielding ground balls), so she had a lot of activity. Unfortunately, the team she played against was really good. Really, really good. So the outcome wasn't quite what she wanted.

But she looked good!

There is nothing cuter than an 8 year-old girl all suited up for softball. Go pink helmets!

I also learned that if the batter on the other team has her name spray painted on her helmet with hearts and flowers, get ready because the girl can PLAY. And if the team knows all the chants and keeps it rocking on the bench their entire at-bat - it'll be a tough game. Also, tie dye socks, sleeveless shirts and visors are yet another way to tell softball from baseball.

My daughter's favorite part was learning hand games from the other girls during their at-bat:

I'm thinking that they don't do this in baseball either.

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