Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ashland Feed and Seed

Here's another peek at our new favorite store. They have so much in there that we always discover something new. The employees must think that I am a crazy person as I am always wandering down an aisle calling out "Well, look at that" to the kids. It doesn't help if you also take photos of buckets and shelves.

Here's the storefront:

I still haven't found out where you are "supposed" to park. It's a bit of a free-for-all by the side of the building and I've been known to circle the block a few times to get in, but get in we do.

Especially for sights like this:

That's not just a charming modern-county-gone-faux display - that's seed by the ounce. Really! Look closely:

Names, prices by the weight, and a helpful employee hovering somewhere to scoop and weigh. I picked up onion sets, blue seed potatoes (who says these guys are hip and with it?), and horseradish. I have little idea how to plant these, but isn't that the fun of gardening?



At 1:31 PM, Blogger dottycookie said...

Oh, OK, now I want to come and visit that shop! Seed by weight - what a fabulous idea. I have eaten blue potatoes, but I was mildly disappointed that they weren't blue all the way through. Mind you, not nearly as disappointing as the purple peppers that turned green on cooking!

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