Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Traditions Exchange

With all the Christmas knitting and stomach flu going around our house, I've been a bad blogger. A week ago I received a marvelous box from my Holiday Traditions Exchange partner, Sara. What a wonderful box of goodies we received! Even the wrapping was fun - bits of Christmas-colored fleece remnants. Genius idea.

The kids' ornaments were so nice and are on the kids' tree now. I LOVE my felt wreath - just the kind of sweetness I was hoping for. And look at her son's precious recipe card!

How did she know our shared affection for Tasha Tudor? She even included a copy of A Doll's Christmas, a book I had been hoping to add to our holiday book collection. The extra recipes were also a nice surprise.

And do you see that red scroll tucked in the box?

What a wonderful letter she included sharing her family's holiday traditions and explaining a bit of what was in the box. I was sorry to have run out of time before we got to make the cookie tree - but it is so on the list for next year!

Thanks so much, Sara - and Merry Christmas!

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