Saturday, June 06, 2009

Postcards from Staycation - Day 1

Our first full staycation day!

After swim practice (just like Club Med!), we hit the Goochland County Farmers' Market to see all the goings on and to visit my favorite jeweler/crafter/crocheter/knitter/overall cool person.

I snapped this photo of the rainbow swiss chard (doesn't it LOOK like it should taste like rainbow sherbet?!), but my lovely daughter took the photos of the other equally yummy-looking veggies (ahem: native flora and fauna):

Had to snap up a hosta - could you resist such a line up?

This one is named "Ice Cream". It looks just like a "Guacamole" I had seen and coveted at a friend's garden, but is smaller. (Love the names - maybe all I really needed was a snack.) A perfect "travel souvenir" don't you think? And no bothersome security or customs to smuggle it past.

The throng (no kidding!) at my friend's booth finally died down, so we stopped in for a quick visit. I wonder if my husband will ever realize how lucky he is that I really dig jewelry made of string and cool beads. Here's one that got away:

But I did manage to snag another souvenir! And more lovelies to ogle:

It is so cool to have cool friends. Maybe it will rub off someday?

Daddy then wowed the littles with a splurge on Super Mario Cart - and and afternoon of indulgent game playing.

Our last event of the day was my son's Cub Scout advancement ceremony. He's now a Webelo II - next year this time he'll be a real Boy Scout.

Here's he's getting his face paint from his Den leader, while her husband, the Cubmaster, gets to wear the cool hat:

Here's the grin that makes all these crazy activities worth it:

I'm off to Coconut Mall before my husband gets all the high scores!

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